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Software RAID mirror the OS Drives with ZFS

I have been tasked with setting up a new storage server for a Lab for use with a new Virtual KVMcluster. I looked at several options and decided to go with a ZFS solution. I picked OpenIndiana,Illumian,OmniOS&FreeNASto test against each other. We are not looking at Nexenta as an option, it’s a Lab, we don’t want to pay for a license. But if I were going to do this in production, I would suggest Nexenta.

I have some experience with ZFS from my previous job I supported 4 NAS devices I built with white Box hardware runningNexentastortotaling 140TB in space.

If you’re thinking about building your own white box Storage array I would recommend using Thinkmatethey are a great company and I have been working with them for several years now. They even offer some good storage solutions, readymade. If you are thinking about using ZFS, here are some good links to get started with:

After installing OpenIndiana on my test system (not final hardware) to kick the tires, I found that the installer left some things to be desired, like only installing onto a single disk. This post will describe the steps needed to move the install onto a ZFS Software Raid Mirror.

Step one, figure out what drives are what?

So we can now see that the OS is running on c4t0d0s0.

Step two, we will need to duplicate the data on the drive c4t0d0s0 to the other disk we want to bring into the mirror.

Step three, we will now want to create the new mirror in ZFS

Step Four, make sure to put the boot loader on the new mirrored drive.

And there you have it. the newly installedOpenIndianawe are kicking the tires with now has a ZFS software raid mirrored OS.

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