Welcome to ops-dude.com

This is the ops-dude.com site being resurrected from the grave.

Years ago I had put up a blog(ops-dude.com) to post some tech articles and some other things I was interested in. Long story short I had gotten busy with work and one thing led to another and I let the domain lapseā€¦ By the time I tried to resurrect it someone had swooped it up and purchased the domain while I was slacking off. I patiently waited for many years before it was available again. I believe that go-daddy had bought it and sat on it being the domain never had a web site in all these years. Every time I reached out to Go-daddy they wanted to extort money from me to even ask the domain owner if they would sell it back to me. Finally the domain lapsed and I was able to buy it back. Unfortunately the backups I had of the original blog were lost and I only was able to get a partial restore. I was able to convert a few of the original posts to Markdown and am posting them here.

I am still sorting out what new blog posts I can put together. I have done a lot of new and interesting things since I last had the site operational. For instance I might put together a post about this Markdown render I put together in Go.

Anyways stay tuned.


Go Gopher